About Ray Bloomberg

Surprise and be original

In recent years, lots of discussion was going on about the role of the DJ. Is a DJ somebody who plays exclusively music they want to hear themselves, because this is what makes their sound? Or should a DJ listen to its audience and interact to get the best party? In my opinion, it should be somewhere in the middle. Unless you are a great producer with people who especially come to your show for your music, you should always be humble and look at your audience. However, the DJ has the experience to assess what music works best. Personally, I like to surprise people and do things they might not expect. This creates a WOW effect and in many occasions people go crazy. For instance, when I play some real bad 90’s songs (like Casanova haha), I always see all hands in the sky. In contrast to the newest chart-music. Being original and creative in your mix is what counts. In this case, music is not the ultimate goal but a way to create a party atmosphere!

Music I play

As said before, I like to surprise people with the music I play. So, if you want to surprise people you should play different styles of music. In my set you can hear different kinds of styles and sub-styles like house, deep-house, tech-house and charts-music. Furthermore, I like to create recognition with older music from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. My speciality is finding the right remixes with old elements but a modern sound. I like to play happy, cheerful, bombastic music with a good beat and bass in order to get the crowd moving! If you want to hear something, please follow the Soundcloud link!

Some history

Like with most DJ’s, I started at a young age somewhere in the 90’s. At that time, DJ’s used to play with vinyl so I learned to play with the famous Technics SL1200. (For young readers: a vinyl record is a strange round black plate you put into a huge needled MP3 player). However, it did not take long before the first Pioneer CD players became popular and I really wanted to have those. Unfortunately I did not have the cash at that time, so I bought cheaper Gemini CD-players which did not even had ‘instant start’. With other words: when you pushed the ‘play’ button you could walk around the block with your dog before the music started to play. Since then the technique improved drastically. Unfortunately, DJ-ing became actually much easier and nowadays everybody is a DJ. Today, a good DJ can be noticed by the music he or she plays. So, I always try to make the absolute best mix for my audience!